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5 Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes

Carpets are hard to clean, hard on your feet, and don't look as nice. If you're ready for a change but don't want the hassle of tearing up your old flooring, hardwood is an excellent choice. But before you make the switch there are a few things to keep in mind. Hardwood installation can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing - here are 5 hardwood flooring installation mistakes that you should avoid at all costs!

Not Properly sealing the flooring

Failure to seal hardwood floors is a big oversight. Not only does sealing the hardwood flooring leave it vulnerable, but it can even cause damage! Dirty or oily shoes are especially bad for hardwoods because they will grind dirt into the wood while walking on it. This causes unsightly scratches and discoloration that are difficult - if not impossible - to repair.

Installing hardwood flooring on an uneven surface

You'll want to make sure the hardwood flooring is installed on a completely flat surface. If you're dealing with an uneven hardwood floor, it's important that you level it before putting down hardwoods. You can do this by using shims or leveling compounds underneath your hardwood floors once they are in place.

Implementing hardwood flooring without sanding the hardwood

You'll need to sand your hardwood before installation. If you skip this step, it will be very difficult to level the hardwood and create a smooth surface for hard wood floors. Sand down any jagged or rough surfaces so that they're all at an even height. By doing this, hardwood hardwoods will stick better and be much easier to install.

Not using the right glue for hardwood flooring installation

You'll need a high-quality adhesive when installing hard wood floors in order to get the best results, but not just any kind of glue will do! It's important that you choose an adhesive specific to hard woods. You can't use a standard glue for hard wood floors, as it will damage the hardwood.

Not removing old adhesive from the previous flooring

When installing hardwood you'll need to remove all of the old adhesive that was previously used on your hardwood before applying new flooring. If you don't do this and attempt to install hardwood over it, the adhesive will be more difficult to apply and likely won't stick.

Not considering how furniture will affect installation

Hardwood flooring installation is even more difficult if you have to factor in furniture. If your furniture is sitting in hard woods, it's important that you leave enough space between each piece of furniture so that they don't damage or scratch your floors - especially during hard wood flooring installations!

Choosing the wrong type of wood for your room

It's important that you choose the right type of wood for your room. Different types of rooms require different kinds of hardwoods. For example, red oak is a great choice for high traffic areas while white ash should be used in less trafficked parts of your home - like closets or pantries!


Avoid these mistakes when installing hardwood flooring and you'll end up with a gorgeous new look that everyone in your home can enjoy! By following these tips you should be able to create a perfect surface for installation of hard wood floors.

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