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7 Secrets to a Successful Hardwood Installation

Hardwood floors offer beauty, durability, and affordability, which makes them popular choices for homeowners today. There are many factors that can lead to the success of your installation, but sometimes it is difficult to know what those are. This blog post will provide you with 7 secrets to help make sure your hardwood installation goes smoothly!


Use a moisture meter

Your subfloor's moisture level can be measured with a moisture meter. Moisture meters are usually very inexpensive. This will help you keep your hardwood floors looking clean and naturalized in the long run.

Make sure you have enough space for the hardwood and that it is leveled 

Ensure the surface of your hardwood is leveled before you begin installing it. This will ensure that there are no bumps or dips in the floor once it has been installed. Also check to see if there's enough space for all of the pieces and any furniture that might go into each room where hardwood is being laid down.

Be careful when using stains with engineered wood floors

Make sure to apply the stain carefully when staining your new hardwood floors. One little mistake could ruin an entire installation—not to mention cost a lot of time and money to fix! Make sure you always read through directions carefully before attempting anything like this yourself! Use sharp blades

Sharp blades can cut through even thick layers of subflooring quickly and easily. Using sharp blades will make the job go much faster, but also keep in mind that they can be dangerous to use! Be extra careful if you are inexperienced with using power tools—you don't want any accidents or injuries to happen when trying to save time on your hardwood installation project!

Use a pull bar

The use of a pull bar can also speed up your flooring installation process. Pull bars help get rid of excess adhesive while gluing wood floors down so it doesn't leave unsightly marks behind. Most people won't even notice this step has been done because the lines are practically invisible, but trust us, it definitely makes for an easier cleanup later on!

Use a quality adhesive to ensure your installation lasts for many years 

For your new hardwood flooring, you shouldn't cut corners on adhesives! Cheap and flimsy adhesives can leave behind unsightly marks, bubbles, and other issues. Many of the big brands offer their own specific adhesive mixes that will help you get a long-lasting installation without worrying about any mistakes along the way!

Use mastic instead of standard glue

This could lead to bubbling if you use both types. Stick with one or the other—most manufacturers only recommend using either mastic OR standard glue (not both together!) when installing engineered wood floors. It may seem like this step takes longer than others because it has to dry before anything else happens in terms of laying down wood flooring, but it'll be worth the wait when you have a much better installation in the end!

Use a laser level to ensure your floor is straight and level 

It is also a great idea to use a laser level when installing hardwood flooring. A laser level will help you see exactly where the boards should go and keep them in line with one another so they don't look crooked or unevenly placed! This step can be extremely helpful, especially if this isn't something you're used to doing on your own yet!


Here are some helpful tips and tricks for getting hardwood flooring installed correctly. With just a little bit of extra effort on your part, your new floors will look amazing in no time at all! Your friends and family members may not even believe that they're brand-new because everything looks so great already and there's definitely nothing wrong with wanting something like this after spending hours working towards making everything perfect again!

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