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11 Ways to Make Your Squeaky Clean Flooring Better

Most people don’t think about the flooring in their home until they start noticing how dirty it is. The kitchen, living room, and bedrooms are all places where dirt and grime build up over time. But what if you could clean your flooring squeaky without having to scrub for hours on end? How would that sound? Well, this blog post will go over 7 ways to get your floors cleaner than ever before!

Vacuum the flooring to get rid of dust and debris

This is the most basic thing that you can do to clean your floors. Vacuuming will help get rid of all the surface dirt and dust, which will make it easier to clean the floors later on.

Use a mop to wet down the flooring.

If your flooring is really dirty, you might need to use a mop to wet it down before you start scrubbing. This will help loosen up any dirt or grime that’s built up over time.

Scrub the flooring with soap and water

This is probably the most common way to clean floors. Just mix some soap into some water, dip your brush into the mixture, and start scrubbing!

Use a steam cleaner to sanitize the flooring.

Steam cleaners are great for cleaning floors because they not only remove dirt and grime, but they also sanitize the surface at the same time. This is perfect if you have pets or small children who might be prone to getting sick.

Apply vinegar to stubborn stains.

If you have any stubborn stains on your flooring, you can try applying vinegar to them. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that will help break down the dirt and grime that’s built up over time.

Use baking soda to scrub away tough marks

Baking soda is another great natural cleaner that can be used to scrub away tough marks or stains from your flooring. Just mix it with some water, dip your brush in, and start scrubbing!

Polish the flooring for a shiny finish

Once you’ve cleaned the floors, you might want to give them a nice shine by polishing them with a cloth. This will make them look brand new again!

Remove carpet stains by scrubbing them with hydrogen peroxide

If you have any carpet stains, you can try scrubbing them with hydrogen peroxide. This will help remove the stain and leave your carpets looking clean and new again!

Clean grout lines in between tiles by using a toothbrush

If you have any grout lines in between your tiles, you can try cleaning them by using a toothbrush. This will help remove all the dirt and grime that’s built up over time.

Add lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, and dish soap together

If you’re looking for a more all-purpose floor cleaner, you can try adding lemon juice, distilled white vinegar, and dish soap together to make a cleaning solution. This will help clean dirt, grime, and stains from your floors!


There are many different ways that you can clean your floors, but these are some of the most effective methods. Try using one or two of these methods to get your floors squeaky clean in no time!

These are just a few of the ways that you can clean your floors. If you want to keep them looking shiny and new, be sure to use one or more of these methods on a regular basis!

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