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Things You Need to Know Before Buying Flooring

Buying Flooring can be a time-consuming task. Buying new flooring is not always as easy as it sounds, so you'll need to do some research before making any decisions. Buying the right type of flooring for your needs will help ensure that you find something that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Check out our guide below to learn more about what you should know before buying flooring!

Type of Flooring

When buying flooring, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want hardwood floors or carpet. If you're living in a home with lots of foot traffic, such as an open-concept kitchen and dining area, it's recommended that you opt for something more durable like laminate instead (since wood can be damaged by high levels of moisture). For homes without so much traffic, both options are usually equally good choices. Carpet will provide more cushion than other types of flooring but may require occasional deep cleanings. Hardwood has many advantages including being nonporous and therefore less likely to harbor allergens or bacteria; requiring only basic maintenance; not showing dirt easily; having excellent durability and longevity.


The next step to deciding on the perfect flooring is finding out how much you want to spend. Buying a high-end type of flooring may be tempting, but it might not always work for your style or budget if there's an area in your home that sees little foot traffic (or none at all). In some cases, this could mean sacrificing quality for affordability; other times it will require installing additional carpet layers beneath laminate floors or replacing wood planking with tiles. It can also get expensive when choosing between hardwood and carpet - both options are usually priced based on their thickness and length as well as region of origin and grade of wood used in manufacturing. The older the wood, the higher its value will be.

Buying Flooring Online

The vast majority of flooring retailers allow you to purchase online so that you don't have to leave your home - a major plus for those with busy schedules! Of course, this doesn't mean that going into an actual store is not recommended; shopping in person can provide more opportunities for customization and help answer any questions before making a final decision. If ordering online, make sure to request samples ahead of time as well as read reviews from other customers (both good and bad). When it comes to installation fees, some companies may charge extra while others include them in their prices; ask about what these costs are beforehand if they're important to you.

Buying Flooring Locally

If you're looking to avoid any potential shipping mishaps, buying flooring from a local store may be the best option for you. Local stores typically offer more in-depth advice and can provide samples if needed - making it easier for buyers who are not sure what they want before actually seeing it in person. Buying locally is usually cheaper than online as well; often times these prices will include installation fees and other additional costs that those ordering on their own must pay separately (such as tax).

Style and Colour Options

Choosing style isn't always easy either! If price is your main concern, stick with something like laminate which has a variety of different designs to choose from - and can also be easily replaced if damaged. For a more classic feel, wood flooring is always an option (but it will require maintenance in the form of regular application of a finish or varnish). If you're looking for something that's easy to clean, vinyl linoleum may be your preferred choice.

Durability and Longevity

Wood is the most durable type of flooring available but it needs to be properly maintained with regular dust mopping, waxing, or other types of care (depending on what kind). Hardwood floors can last anywhere from 20-50 years as long as they're maintained - and they are nonporous, too. With carpeting, you'll need to replace it more often due to wear-and-tear; but the padding in these types of floors provide a lot of comfort and cushion when walking on them.


Choosing flooring is a big decision with lots of factors to consider. Buying new floors can be very expensive, so it's important that you make an educated decision before making your purchase!

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