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How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Whatever your flooring type, carpets are a great investment. They add comfort and warmth while also protecting your floors from spills and other accidents. But there's one thing that can make them wear down quicker: high traffic volume. If you live in a home with lots of people coming and going, it might be time to invest in some carpet maintenance products so your carpets last longer. In this blog post we will discuss four steps for how to keep your carpets looking their best!


Vacuum your carpets regularly to remove hair, dust, and dirt.

Ensure you have a hard surface underneath your carpets to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Repair any stains immediately if they occur, as they can damage the carpet fibers over time.

Wash with Shampoo

Use a carpet shampooer to clean your carpets. You can find both manual and electric models at most hardware stores or home improvement centers. This is great for removing stains, dirt, grime, and odors!

Clean Spills As soon as Possible

You should use paper towels to absorb as much as possible of the liquid you spill on the flooring before it soaks into the fibers. If it's already soaked in then try using dish soap mixed with water until you get all of the stain up. Avoid rubbing too hard because this could cause damage to your carpet fibers. Once everything is rinsed out let the air dry!

Protect your carpets from spills by using an area rug.

That way if something does spill it seeps into the rug and not your carpet! This is why rugs are created to protect your carpets from stains and spills!

Avoid spilling liquids

Do not forget that spilling liquids on carpets and rugs can cause damage! Even if you don't spill anything, the humidity in the air can lead to mildew and mold growth which will eat away at your flooring. To avoid this from happening, always keep an area rug on top of your carpet so it absorbs as much moisture as possible.

Never use excessive pressure when cleaning

When cleaning stains, don't apply too much pressure because that could do more harm than good. In addition, never rub a stain either because that will just push it deeper into carpet fibers where regular washing won't be able to remove it. Try blotting instead with paper towels or other soft cloths until all residue is gone then let dry naturally overnight!

Never use harsh chemicals

Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your carpet. This could damage the fibers and cause irreversible stains.

Don't forget, there's no single way to do what you need to do in order to keep your carpets looking brand new! Different types of flooring have their own unique needs so make sure you know exactly what yours requires before beginning anything.

Use bottom pads for furniture

Place a bottom pad underneath any furniture you have on your carpet to prevent indentations in the fibers. These types of pads are usually made from rubber or felt and are easy to find at most home improvement centers.


Carpet maintenance products are the most effective way to keep your carpets in top condition. It takes time and effort but if you follow these four steps then you should be able to keep your carpets looking great for years!

All in all , it’s important that when caring for flooring, each type has its own unique needs. You must know exactly what yours is before beginning anything because no single way will do the trick when trying to make them look brand new!

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