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These Mistakes Cause Serious Damage to Your Hardwood Floors

Do you know the most common mistakes people make when cleaning their hardwood floors? If not, then this blog post will be helpful. Hardwood flooring is a very popular type of floor in many homes these days. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep them in good condition with regular use and exposure to spills and other accidents. The truth is that there are some serious mistakes that people make when they try to clean their hardwoods which end up causing more damage than good. These mistakes are something that we want to avoid at all costs!

Don't use soap to clean your hardwood floor

Never use soap when you are trying to clean your hardwood floors. Soap is mainly made of water and oil, while it may seem like a good idea the soap leaves behind residue that will attract dirt in no time!

Don't use vinegar or alcohol on wood floors

You should never mix vinegar with any other product when you are trying to clean your flooring. Vinegar can be very dangerous for all types of wood because its acidity makes it impossible for the varnish to protect against damage from spills etc.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar

It is important to always use a vacuum with a beater bar when you are trying to clean your floors. You should also make sure that the flooring type matches what it says on the label of the vacuum cleaner (hardwood, tile etc.). If there isn't one, then this may indicate an inferior product which can do more harm than good!

Don't over-wet your hardwoods

You should never wet down the floor too much just because you want it looking nice and shiny. Over-wetting will leave behind pools of water that become impossible for dirt to stay away from. It could even warp or cause cracks in some types of wood!

Be sure to use a dry mop for dusting and polishing

To prevent scratches and other damage to your floors, you should always use a dry dust mop. These special types of flooring do not require moisture which can cause further problems for the wood!

Using harsh chemicals to clean your hardwood floors

It is very important that you never use harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach when you are trying to clean your flooring. These types of substances can be very dangerous and leave behind residue which will attract dirt more than ever!

Using a broom improperly on wood surfaces

Never sweep up sawdust, sand, salt crystals etc. with a broom because this will cause scratches and scuffs over time. It could even strip the varnish right off if done too roughly! A hand-held vacuum cleaner works best for these materials instead.

Don't drag anything across the surface of the floor

You should never drag anything like furniture or rugs across your hardwood floors because it causes them unnecessary damage (especially if it is a heavy object). The best way to move these things is by lifting them, not dragging. If you have anything that does need moving then use a felt pad as well as regular furniture sliders which can be found at any hardware store!

Using the wrong product for your floor type

It is very important that you never mix up or misuse cleaners when trying to clean different types of wood. For example, certain hardwoods such as cherry and birch should only ever be cleaned with an oil soap instead of traditional soaps etc. Always double check what type of surface you are cleaning before going ahead with any product!


These mistakes can add up and cause serious damage over time. If you want to avoid causing any further harm then always use a professional cleaning service in New Zealand when your floors need some extra cleaning!

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