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Tile Installation Mistakes

When installing tiles, the most common mistakes are not properly preparing the surface, using too much adhesive, and cutting corners. These three things will lead to a very high failure rate in the future when it's time to replace or repair tiles. For example, they may not level the ground before tiling it, or they may install the wrong type of grout. This blog post is for any tile installer who wants to avoid these mistakes and do a better job on their next project!

Not using spacers when

People make mistakes when Installing tile when they're trying to install their own tiles. Most people do not have much experience laying tile, and so the results they get are often not what they wanted or expected.

Not using spacers can lead to a number of different problems in your overall design: it may look uneven, it may be too thin, or you could have a serious problem if your tiles aren't level. Spacers are there for a reason: use them!

They don't properly prepare the surface before installing tile

Tile installation is not done correctly when preparing the surface and too much adhesive is used on the grout lines. If they don't prepare the surface correctly, their tiles will be wobbly when they step on them. If there is too much adhesive in the grout lines, it can make your tiles very difficult to remove if you decide that you don't like this particular flooring option after all.

Using the wrong type of adhesive

An incorrect adhesive is used when installing tile. When you use this kind of non-waterproof cement, it can potentially damage your tiles and cause them to be very difficult to remove in the future if they need replacement or repair at any point during their lifetime.

Failing to seal the tile before installation 

Installing tiles without properly sealing them before installation. If you use an unsealed tile, it will attract dirt and dust like a magnet! It can also lead to stains on your floor that are difficult or impossible to remove with normal cleaning methods.

Installing tiles too close together can cause grout lines to show up

Too close spacing between tiles when installing tiles. If you can see the grout lines between your tiles, then it is likely that they're not far enough apart during installation! This will lead to problems with keeping your floor clean and nice over time, because these dirtied grout lines won't be easy to remove.

No tiling in a pattern or straight line

Installing tiles by installing them in a pattern or straight line. If you don't have any kind of tiling strategy, your floor will look very strange! You'll be able to see all kinds of patterns and designs that are completely unnatural once the tile is installed.

When people install their own tiles they often cut corners

When installing tile, people make mistakes because they are trying to save money on installation costs by doing it themselves instead of hiring someone else to do the work for them. When this happens, people usually try cutting corners somewhere - either during preparation, using cheaper materials/tools than necessary, etc..

Using cheap tools

Using cheap tools that don't work properly or break when installing tiles. You might save a few bucks now on the wrong type of adhesive, but it's unlikely to be worth your time and money in the long run if you need to fix this problem after installation is complete.


When people install tile, they typically make these mistakes. If you want to know how to do it right, then avoid these problems!

There are many things that people can do during installation which will help them avoid problems with their flooring down the road - just remember these simple tips! If you follow all of them, then your tiles should last for decades without any serious issues!


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